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words, thoughts and images
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associations is here for work and play. Any member can post, one word, a short phrase, or a picture/set of pictures. Any/all members should respond with whatever pops into their mind triggered by that post. It's like a simple word-association game, only you don't have to stick to words. Hopefully what will emerge will be a repository of sorts that we can all dip into on those occasions when inspiration's just not coming through. If you're a blocked writer, throw a word in, see what comes out - it can be surprising where the thoughts and associations of other minds can take you.
Please also, if you want, post the writing or image/s that have been triggered or helped along by the exercise here - whether as a comment in the thread that helped, or as a link to an entry in your journal (also in the comments field please - new posts should only contain a word/phrase you want this special brand of lj community brain-storming on.)

That's pretty much the only rule, shouldn't be too hard to follow it.


New Improved!

Now words and pictures! Post 'em, make 'em!

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